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Kingdom of Priests Bible Study

Kingdom of Priests Bible Study

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Using impactful reading segments and inductive Bible study space, Kingdom of Priests invites the student to glimpse her place in the grand narrative of the Gospel. Tracing the themes of priesthood and temple from Genesis to Revelation, this study reveals the special commission of humanity to serve as priests and mediators — a role that is ultimately fulfilled in Christ, in whose steps we follow.

Kingdom of Priests is comparable to a junior level Biblical literacy course. Each lesson introduces a new Bible study skill, as well as a key passage that leads the student further in exploring the priesthood theme. If you are eager to go deeper in your knowledge of Scripture, gain new tools for study, and be encouraged in your own role as a part of the “royal generation and holy priesthood”, you are certain to be enriched by engaging with the Kingdom of Priests study.


Format: the book offers 10 lessons, specifically intended for group study, but suitable for individual study as well.

Lesson layout: each lesson introduces a new Bible study skill/concept, an inductive Bible study space with accompanying questions, and a Biblical theology bridge which dives deeper into the topic at hand. Each lesson is packed with Scripture references, giving the student ample opportunity to dig as deeply as she wishes.

Visuals: accompanying each lesson are beautiful pieces of artwork — primarily from the Romanticism era.

Size: 8x10, with soft touch cover. Interior pages are uncoated for smear-free writing.


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