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Daughters of Promise ministry was founded out of a desire to nurture and encourage women in the everyday understanding and practice of their faith.

We live a diversity of lives, with one central theme: faith in Jesus and His redemption of the world. Daughters of Promise was originally founded as a simple magazine featuring the stories of Anabaptist women. Responding to a growing desire for trusted resources for women who want to learn more about and grow in the Christian faith they are living, DOP became a gathering place for study resources and home goods that can nourish women as they grow in faithfulness.

Our Values

The mission of Daughters of Promise Ministry is to present biblically sound, aesthetically appealing content that empowers women to lead healthy lives; develop their voices through creative outlets; and experience freedom as Daughters of God and heirs through Christ. We do this through print and online media that is anchored in the word of God and expressed in conservative anabaptism.

Meet the team behind

Daughters of Promise Ministry

  • Rachel Slabach Founder, Chief Editor

    Rae lives in southern Virginia with her husband Tim. She loves her morning Americano, wielding power tools in home renovation projects, traveling with Tim, and being at home. On any given day, you can probably find her tinkering around in the garden, building something, or designing pretty things for DOP. She believes that Beauty will save the world, and delights in finding evidences of resurrection in ordinary places of the everyday.

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  • Susanna Stoltzfus Editorial Manager

    Susanna - or Su to most people - comes from a small southern town in upstate South Carolina. She loves music and good art, taking it in as well as trying to put it out into the world. Her favorite days include rain, a good cup of coffee, creativity, and meaningful conversations.

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  • Abby Hess Content Development

    Abby lives in the middle of a field near Boise, Idaho, and loves stories, springtime, and her husband Marshall. She is a writer and the founder of Studio Tell, a copywriting studio for creative businesses ready for clear and holistic marketing.

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  • Hannah Yoder Illustrations Manager

    Hannah is a down to earth beauty seeker. She teaches upper elementary at her church school in northern Indiana. She lives in a ramshackle cottage that she loves to call home and is always up for a discussion on creativity, delicious food, or practical ways to improve her corner of the world.

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  • Melody Zimmerman Visuals Director

    Melody lives with her husband, Jay, in the beautiful land of Southeast Iowa. She is a visual storyteller, creating her own personal projects and photographing and designing projects for clients through her business, Amaranth Creative. She has many dreams and ideas, which are wildly out of proportion with her follow-through.

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  • Brook Brubacher Lead product designer

    Brook lives in big city of Southern Ontario with her husband Tanner. Aside from her job as a graphic designer, she enjoys painting on various mediums, singing in choirs, growing her plant collection, snowy winters and drinking iced coffee. She loves to take evening walks with her husband through the busy city where many cultures combine, relationships are built, and stories are told. She is learning that you don’t need to go to grand places; instead, beauty can be found in normal people and ordinary moments.

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  • Christy Stoltzfus Commonplace Columnist

    Christy, a native Kansan transplanted to Lancaster County, PA, lives with her husband Aaron and sweet daughter Aurelie. She feels most fulfilled when creating beautiful things out of the stuff of ordinary days. Whether that’s crafting meals in the kitchen, building relationships, growing heirloom flowers and vegetables, trying a new art project, or making pottery in her pottery studio, she believes making the world more beautiful and whole is holy work.

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Marshall Hess

Tim Slabach

Commonplace Columnists

Christy Stoltzfus


Marissa Burt, www.marissaburt.com

Laura Sporre

Faith Sommers

Jennifer Jantzi

Graphic Designers

Brook Brubacher, @brooklyn_rose_co

Jessi Blunier, @jessibluniercreative


Kim Yoder - @kimmayoda

Shop Manager

Kristi Good