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DOP Issue 38: Commitment

DOP Issue 38: Commitment

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Being committed to something also carries the idea of limitation, or restriction. “Commitment” is a close kin to faithfulness and steadfastness. Our commitments can be a source of deep regret and difficulty. They also carry the potential for great joy and purpose. Wisdom is needed in choosing wise commitments, and flourishing in those we didn’t choose, but which were chosen for us. This issue is not a summons to strive more or try harder. Instead, it invites us to view our commitments in the light of Christ’s commitment to us. In the reality of His perfect steadfastness to His beloved, we find the grace to press on with fresh resolve in old commitments, and wisdom in engaging new ones.

Content Includes:

  • The Heart of Faithfulness, by Betty Lebold
  • Keep Coming Back, by Kelly R. Funk
  • What is There was No Judgement? by Bethany Eicher
  • The Making of Hypertufa, by Jessica Lehigh
  • Gather: Fermented Foods, by Hannah Yoder
  • Great Expectations, and Our Commitments to Them, by Ariana Buckingham
  • To Love and to Let Go, by Karissa Horst
  • Questioning Our Commitments, by Lori Eby
  • (Pretty Much) Everything is Fixable, by Rae Slabach
  • College and Commitment: The Duo for Any Degree, by Brianna Schwartz


Features: 128 pages, full color offset printed on uncoated stock. Cover image by Kim Yoder.


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