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"Adonai Ori" Women's Tee

"Adonai Ori" Women's Tee

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The Adonai Ori tee is a tangible reminder that God is Light. He cloaks His children in radiance, and wraps us in a brightness that never dims or is eclipsed or grows weak. We have nothing to fear, for Adonai has already conquered and stands victorious over all. To read more about what “Adonai Ori” means, and why we chose to include this particular flower in the design, read below.

Created in collaboration with These Stones, the original, hand-drawn graphics are printed on soft Bella + Canvas relaxed-fit tees. Because of the light color of the shirt, consider layering.


What does "Adonai Ori" mean?

In Psalm 27:1, David begins his prayer with a declaration of faith: “Adonai ori…” The Lord is my light. Adonai is a divine name for God; emphasizing His authority and majesty. It comes from a root word that means “to rule” and is found hundreds of times in Scripture as an identification of God as our gracious Lord and master. In biblical times, a master had a responsibility to protect and care for his servants. Adonai, our master, is described by David in this Psalm as just such a protector. He is not a harsh taskmaster, but our light, salvation, and stronghold.

The word translated “light” in David’s prayer is the Hebrew word, ori. Immediately, this word reminds us of similar associations in our English language. Words like Orion, origin, and orient point to the significance of this prefix. “Ori” is something that lights, rises, is the source, and points the way. So Adonai ori is not merely a metaphor describing what God does (provide light). It is a definition of Who He is. He is light itself. He is its source; a sun that never sets. In the undimming, protective brilliance of His presence, we are safe. There are no shadows hiding or dangers lurking. All is seen and known by Him.

About the Star of Bethlehem Flower

There is significance in the flowers featured on the shirt. They are called Star of Bethlehem, and are native to the Mediterranean region where they grow wild across the countryside, blanketing the area with white. Early one spring, years ago, our founder, Rae’s mother discovered this delicate white flower in their Tennessee yard. The blooms had popped up everywhere, a cheery sign of life in the waning bleakness of winter. With a little research, the flower was identified as Stars of Bethlehem, and every winter after, Rae and her family would eagerly anticipate the flowers’ arrival, a harbinger of spring. Historically, the Star of Bethlehem flower symbolizes the coming of Christ. Into the bleak winter of sin and suffering, the light of the world entered our world in the humblest of ways, illuminating the way back to God. In these tiny, white, star-shaped blooms, we are reminded afresh that Adonai ori is here.


Color: Heather Cool Gray
Materials: 52% Cotton 48% Polyester
Care instructions: Machine wash warm, inside out, with like colors; medium iron; do not iron decoration; do not dry clean.
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