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DOP Issue 35: Harmony

DOP Issue 35: Harmony

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“Harmony” is defined as “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.” We understand the concept of harmony. We experience it in the pleasing notes of a symphony; the complimentary colors and textures of a well-designed room; a team effort that flows smoothly and efficiently. Experiencing harmony in our churches, relationships, marriages, and jobs is harder. Neither uniformity nor diversity is the answer for disorder or disagreement. In this issue, we examine what harmony is and what makes it worth laboring for. God invites us to enjoy the good that comes when the individual parts of a whole are moving synchronously with each other in the Body of Christ. This issue will explore the roles of order and harmony in creation as well our inner lives, relationships, and work.

Content Includes:

  • The Garden of God, by Marshall Hess

  • Cross-Cultural Connections in Covid, by Lori Zimmerman

  • Removing Saturday’s Rocks, by Andrew and Jennifer Yoder

  • Living Inside a Glass Box, by Charlotte Miller

  • Gathering and Arranging Joy, by Regina Rosenberry

  • The Taste of Harmony, by Hannah Yoder

  • Habits of an Encouraged Team, by Matt and Krissy King

  • Keeping My Balance: Resources for Productivity, by the DOP team

  • Welcome to Maple Street Manor, by Abigail Miller

  • “What’s Happening in My Body When…?”, by Lilian Stoltzfus

  • …and more


Features: 128 pages, full color offset printed on uncoated stock. Cover image by Elisa Knicely.


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