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DOP Issue 33: Foundations

DOP Issue 33: Foundations

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A foundation is “the basis or groundwork of anything; the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests.” Tucked away out of sight, a conglomeration of uninteresting stones and cement, mortar and metal, the foundation of a building is easily forgotten. Our eyes go instead to the aesthetics of the structure built above, with its appealing architecture or functional use. Still, it is the foundation, unseen and unglamorous, that determines the value of the building.

A woman’s life is built on a foundation that matters no less. What happens to our house when crisis strikes? Where do we emerge when our sense of normal is shaken? What are the foundations that have been passed through our generations? What are the values that inform our everyday decisions? The Foundations issue digs into the deep and unseen things upon which we build our lives. Our vision is to equip women to test their foundation, build stronger ones, and experience the security of having a sure place to plant their feet.

Content Includes:

  • Truth: the Foundation of Life, by Kristen Yoder

  • Sacred Renovation, by Lillian Yoder

  • Growing Old(er) Together, by Bethany Eicher

  • Digging a Tunnel to China, by Regina Rosenberry

  • Spring Greens: 5 Salad Recipes, by Kyra Brubaker

  • Featured Maker: Art from Earth, Fire, Water, and Soul, by potter Vanessa Anderson

  • Conversations: A Path to Wisdom, by Esta Doutrich

  • A Clean House, by Sheryl Zeiset

  • Roots: How Living Abroad Shapes my View of Citizenship, by Marlene S. Stoltzfus

  • Running for the Light, by Geneva Eby

  • …and much more


Features: 128 pages, full color offset printed on uncoated stock. Cover image by Jen Kauffman.


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